Aeraden Energy Corporation was created in 2015 as the Energy Division of Saliance Global Holdings Co Ltd. to explore opportunities in the Western Canadian Basin. Based out of Calgary Alberta Canada Aeraden Energy has grown into an energetic Junior Oil and Gas Company through a series of partnerships and acquisitions. These include our operating companies Veradon Energy and 2094495 Alberta Corporation. With Production and Holdings in Alberta and Saskatchewan we have developed a solid Operating Portfolio in Western Canada. Our company plans to continue this growth strategy to both enhance our market position and maximize revenue yields.

Saliance Global Holdings Co Ltd. is based out Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Saliance is a multi-faceted enterprise with successful operations spanning the globe. Salient competes in industry sectors such as Hospitality, Energy, Manufacturing and Real Estate.

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Aeraden Energy is aggressively pursuing partnerships and producing assets throughout the Western Canadian Basin as our Growth Strategy. We are interested in working with those partners and vendors who are committed to maximizing revenue horizons through the use new technologies and improved operations practices. 




As a stakeholder in the Canadian Energy Sector, Aeraden Energy is committed to environmental stewardship in our operations. We carefully choose vendors and partners who have shown a commitment to investing in new technologies and practices which limit environmental impact of hydrocarbon extraction. As a new breed of Junior in an industry with a long history of innovation we hope to add creativity using problem solving to our shared future.



Provost AB



Aeraden Energy has WI in the Alexander Provost Viking A Unit and non-unit land. Production is light sweet crude from the Viking formation. Currently there are 6 producing wells and a central battery for treating, storage and gas recovery. Potential in Provost exists for drilling an additional two locations on the non-unit land and drilling up to two wells within the unit. Reactivating 3 wells within the unit and optimizing the pumping equipment on two additional wells.

Lloydminster AB



The wells are vertical, producing heavy oil from the GP formation and the disposal well is completed in the Dina Sand. Each well is set up as a single well battery with produced water flow lined to the disposal well, resulting in reduced costs for fluid handling. The property has potential to drill an additional four producing wells in a well-defined channel. The existing wells can be optimized further by installing larger pumping equipment.

Sedalia AB



Aeraden Energy has WI in a sweet shallow gas field of Sadalia, producing primarily from the Viking formation with multi-zone production in some wells. The property includes a gas plant with compression and liquids recovery capability. Potential exists in Sedalia for recompleting wells to additional zones and stimulation of existing zones to increase gas production when gas prices improve to justify the work.

Silverdale SK



Most of the wells are horizontal completions producing heavy oil from the GP formation and the Sparky formation, one well is a proposed Dina Sand disposal well.

Senlac SK



Currently producing approximately 450 bbls of oil per day. Current water flood on a 40 acre spacing with a potential to down space to 10 acres and implement a polymer flood.

West Hazel SK



Currently producing 450 bbls per day of CHOP production.

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